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sissy slave jamie
Property of Mistress Phoenix
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31st-Dec-2008 11:58 pm - Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!

What a year it has been! What a new year its going to be! Thank you everyone for your support. i wish you a wonderful new year!

sissy slave jamie
Property of Mistress Phoenix
This morning Domina came home from work for Her lunch break and told me that W/we were going to talk at 1:30pm when She gets off work. All morning i thought about it of course and took Titus O/our Westie out to the Parkville river park for a looong walk (4 miles). i really did pray that there would be a positive outcome to all of this drama really.

Domina came home and W/we talked about it all. The conflict is that when i bring up a problem She believes i want the answer immediately. Domina prefers taking a problem and thinking it through before giving Her answer on many things. Also the level of importance of a given problem may be a different level in Her eyes than mine.

i agreed that i will work on being more sensitive to Her needs/feelings in these matters.

W/we talked about the lifestyle too. i feel positive that things are improving.

sissy girl
17th-Nov-2008 02:02 pm - Questions
I have a question.

In a family situation. Should a family member upon recognizing an unsafe act or the conditions possibly leading to loss of life or limb let that person or the leader of the family know to avoid said problems?

If the above is dismissed as not being important, should the complainant accept that as final or do what?

Should an adult be told that they may be committing an unsafe act or left to that person's judgement?

Thank you
1st-Jun-2008 11:20 am - KC Pride 2008
Yesterday the air conditioning guy came out to fix our ac. i had been doing my nails a bright pink called 'Pinkish" by Revlon and he arrived to fix it. i showed him what we knew and continued getting ready. Domina and leopet got back from shopping and W/we all got ready for the festival. i wore my calf high lady's jeans, chain belt, my bra with forms, pink camisole, put on my make up and wig. Domina gave me the Pride boa She knitted a couple years ago for a Pride festival W/we missed due to rain.

Then W/we started out

i had just bought some pretty strappy heels but it looked like W/we were going to walk a bit to get to the festival so i changed into my Mary Janes (Thank Goddess i did!). W/we got there and found so many people walking in and out of the area. W/we got in there and saw the big performance stage, food vendors, and the other vendors. i was really thirsty for a beer but it cost $5.00 for wrist band to enable you to pay $4.00 for a can of beer so Domina said no.

W/we went down the line of vendors and looked at various jewelry booths. Domina bought me a new belly button ring that is in the pride colors and says, "All families matter". W/we also got a couple car decals that say pretty much the same.

Moving along the line i had some nice conversations with some of the vendors and people. i received so many compliments on the Pride boa Domina knitted :)

Later down the line W/we found a leather crafter that had floggers, hoods, toys, etc. One thing W/we didn't have was a ball gag. Domina asked me which one W/we should get. i said the red one shows up better in photos (teeehee!). She laughed.

W/we made it to the vendors and W/we saw the big tent. With some of the signs outside i thought it might be a beer tent or for food or something. When W/we got closer i could see it was a kind of quilt memorial. W/we went inside and saw all the quilts in memory of people who has died of aids. It was quite solemn.

W/we continued through the festival and then left looking for a place to eat. W/we tried Chili's but after being seated didn't get any waitress or waiter and left. W/we went to Boston Market and got the same kind of attention so W/we left. W/we went to the grocery store and picked up raviolli and toretellini, marinara sauce and bread. It was fun walking around in my new strappy shoes. The heels are 4" and walking around the store was awesome. They do hurt a bit right now.

W/we left the store and Domina shot a little video of me walking through the parking lot. W/we got home and found that the ac quit working again. Domina was mad and told me to call the guy. i checked the outside ac and saw that it was frozen over. i called the guy and he thought it was over charged. He is coming out today to fix it.

Domina cooked the food. Domina told me to strip down to my panties and bra and W/we had a nice time watching Dr Who and having dinner :)

sissy girl

31st-May-2008 01:57 pm - Pride!
The AC went out a couple weeks ago, finally the repair guy here is fixing it. Hope to have the air working again soon!

Domina, leopet and i are planning on going to KC Pride festival tonight. It will be my first! Going all femme as jamie. Just did my nails a pretty pink. So excited!!!

sissy girl
Property of Mistress Phoenix Her sissy slave girly girl
16th-Feb-2008 08:46 am - The visit to the hospital yesterday
i've been having lots of problems with my pinched nerve in my neck for the last few weeks. The doctor prescribed great meds but the pain was still there. The doctor had an MRI done that found several protruding disks in my neck and ordered pain management.

Yesterday morning Domina took me over to the hospital to the pain management area where i had an upper epederal with steroid injections done for the protruding disks. W/we came home and i've been resting ever since. i have two more visits for the injections. i sure hope they all work. i need to get back to work but my left arm has been next to worthless.. arghhh.

Domina starts to work this morning. It will be good when W/we are all working again!

sissy girl
6th-Feb-2008 06:34 pm - owie!
i've had a recurring problem in my back for a long time - since the mid eighties and it looks like its one of those things that gets to a point and really presents itself. Before i just had to move the wrong way and my upper left side would start hurting and stay with me a few days then go away. This time however its much more serious. i went to the doctor last week after experiencing contstant pain then i had a bout with nausea with that which kept Mistress from sleeping. Thank goodness She found solace in another room or She wouldn't get any rest. After a weekend of barely any sleep i went back to the doctor who setup an MRI for me that found a protusion in my c5-c7 vertebrae. They now have me scheduled for pain management, along with the meds and physical therapy.

i sure hope this all does some good! i definitely want to get back to my knees and serve my Mistress Wife as Her girly girl.

26th-Jan-2008 04:16 pm - Domina's home safe!

Thank goodness the weather warmed up! She made excellent time too!

So wonderful seeing my Goddess in the driveway!!!

sissy girl
21st-Jan-2008 10:08 pm - Sunday fun
Yesterday morning i woke up soooo early: 5:30am and got on the computer and surfed and chatted with people on alt.com. When i had woken up i put on my pink nightie with my new bra with the breast forms.

i had the webcam on and chatted with so many people from all over. It was fun being sissy me online :)

i was on for quite awhile and leopet made breakfast for U/us all. It was great!

By 1pm i was ready for a nap. i napped until about 3:30pm when Domina got up and took a shower. i got up too and asked Her if She wanted me to wear the wig. She said of course,, your all girl this weekend. So i took my shower, put on my makeup, wig, bra, a pink outfit with sweater and skirt and my heels.

i went downstairs and Domina called me into Her craft room. She said She was hungry for steak and potatoes since W/we hadn't had lunch. She said She wanted me to go to the grocery store. Then She said, "your next question is?"

i asked if She wanted me to change clothes. She said no, i will go as a girl.

my heart was really beating. i said yes Domina and asked leopet to go with me.

we arrived at Price Chopper and i took my glasses off. i think i look prettier without them. i grabbed my purse and we went in. i bought an espresso while we walked around. i really had some wild feelings but people didn't seem to notice much. One lady gave me quite a look teehee!

we left and came home and i cooked dinner.

i thanked Domina for the experience and for letting me be a full girl for the weekend!
16th-Jan-2008 06:36 am - i got my bra!
Yesterday i went to work on a two day contract. Afterwards i remembered that Mistress Deborah had called to let me know that my package had arrived and that i can pick it up. On the way home i stopped in Westport and went to Deborahs. She opened up the package and said, "Heres your bra". It looked so lovely! i took it and proceeded home. i talked to Domina on the phone Who told me to stop by the grocery store and pick up some spaghetti fixins. i did that and got home.

i can't wait to put it on. Domina told me earlier in the week that this weekend i can be all girl. Yaaaay!

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