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sissy slave jamie
Property of Mistress Phoenix
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7th-Jan-2008 11:28 am - Monday
Got a new job interview today. Mistress said i can keep my longer hair and just brush it back. She likes me to be able to wear it more feminine when i'm not at work. i do too :)

i've been wearing my Lady's jeans most of the time out. i don't think they are really noticed but so nice to be wearing more and more Lady's things when i'm out and about :) Mistress gave me a set of Zicronium ear studs. One set is pink, another gold, the other is silver. i wear pink most of the time :).

i've been spending a lot of time on my adult discussion board: http://bimpie.no-ip.com/~discuss Lately i've added a GroupJive feature i hope is really popular. It lets members create and join special interest groups. So far i've created sissylife and Female Led Relationships. More work on the Gallery, the forum, bookmarks, SimpleFAQ, etc. Its so much fun putting this thing together and watching people participate!

5th-Jan-2008 05:40 pm - On my birthday
Domina and i went downtown shopping. W/we visited Deborah's where W/we looked at all the wonderful fetish wear and then settled on the counter where there were various gaffs, bras and breastforms. Since my breastforms were always slipping around Mistress ordered a bra that holds breast forms. This one will hold a C cup! yaaaaay! i can't wait! W/we then went to another store that specializes in dildos and vibrators where She picked up a set of pink cock rings and a cool lube called, Silk. W/we came home then :)

W/we had cheesecake for my birthday cake!

3rd-Jan-2008 08:36 am - my birthday
Its really a whirlwind going into the holidays and then exiting them with my birthday year after year but here it is! teehee!

Yesterday i finally ventured out of the house into 2008. i hadn't left since the New Year. Domina said i wasn't missing much. The temperature has been 0 - 19 degrees Farenheit. brrrr! i do love the cool sensation of the outside air after i shave my legs. i love it! i painted my nails with a deep red the night before from my new makeup case. i put on my Gap Jeans, a long sleeve sweater shirt Domina gave me, ear rings, eye liner and Bees lip shimmer and left for Super Walmart where i picked up some things including a new nail polish called Petite Pink by Sally Hansen. i think that shad looks so pretty, almost silvery pink.

i got home and found Mistress had made home made chicken and dumplings. They were wonderful!

i continued working on my adult site: http://bimpie.no-ip.com/~discuss Its really a challenge getting everything working together but Joomla sure is wonderful plus all the people who have contributed extensions for it.

Today Domina said that W/we are going to go to Deborahs - a fetish boutique here in town. Mistress Deborah used to have a wonderful boutique very near U/us but closed it due to waning sales but reopened recently! yaaaay!

i am so lucky to be Domina's!

sissy slave jamie
27th-Dec-2007 06:31 am - What a snowy night!
Last night after work while driving home from work i stopped at Super Walmart and shopped with the money i got for Christmas. There were many 1/2 price sales there and i looked around at the packages there. Domina mentioned some makeup kits and i ended up picking up a huge makeup kit on wheels, teeehee! Thats going to be fun!

i got home and put a pizza on. A little later Domina and leopet arrived with a new Russan tortoise T/they picked up for boychild's birthday and W/we had dinner after preparing her cage. Since one TV show Domina enjoys isn't showing up due to the writers strike i put on "Personal Services" an old fetish British comedy. i had been trying to get it for quite a while but only offered in the European standard DVD but got it in NTSC. Domina and i enjoyed it while laying in front of the TV.

i then served Mistress tea in bed and then worked on my site: http://bimpie.no-ip.com/~discuss until it was time to go to bed :)

17th-Nov-2007 04:12 pm - 11/17/07
Yeah hunter!

17th-Nov-2007 10:46 am - 11/17/07
Its a beautiful Saturday morning. a little cool but sunny. i'm at work right ow assisting in upgrades while Domina, boychild and leopet are home. Later they are going to the karate tourney.
right now im using the mobile client to post this. its pretty slick but I thought you could read posts too. wellll...

7th-Oct-2007 01:16 am - New Piercing!
Today W/we had a great time exploring the local Renaisance Festival. It looked like it was going to rain but it held off.

Tonight my Mistress, Her sister and niece, leopet and i went to a tattoo/piercing studio where my niece got a nose piercing and i got a navel piercing! i love it!!!

sissy slave jamie
Property of Mistress Phoenix
28th-Jul-2007 10:13 pm - Moved in!
Finally, Domina, leopet and i are moved in! All is out of the old place and W/we are occupying this wonderful house!

sissy slave james aka jamie
Property of Mistress Phoenix
15th-Jul-2007 09:08 pm - House!
i realized that i hadn't posted one thing about the new house! Maybe its because things have moved so fast or maybe because i didn't want to vex anything in hopes that the house will be ours.
It is ours!
leopet and i have spent the last couple days loading up his company's box truck with our stuff and unloading it at the new house we all call our dream house then returning to the old place for another load.
Domina is working hard at the house staining and fixing things as well as getting the water turned on, fridge a-working! yeah!

It will be wonderful when its all in!

sissy slave girly girl
20th-Jun-2007 07:00 am - New House!
Yesterday i was in class when Domina text messaged me that W/we got the new house! Yaaaay!
W/we looked at furniture, then had Chinese and at 8:45pm met the real estate guy and leopet signed the papers :) W/we love it!

i had a pretty new experience at the restraunt. A waitress came up to U/us and asked respectfully whether i should be called ma'am or sir. Domina explained as i was fairly tongue tied :) teeheee
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