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sissy slave jamie

Property of Mistress Phoenix

3 January 1957
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Property of Mistress Phoenix. i am a sissy girl who enjoys serving her Mistress. Mistress is head of Her poly family. She owns two male subs and me Her sissy girl.

i enjoy Femdom, Female led relationships, feminization, D/s, BDSM, crossdressing, cuckolding, and generally being girlie!
24/7, anal training, anklets, bdsm, bdsm erotica, being a slut, being bound, being controlled, being dominated, being naked, being on my knees, being owned, being photographed, being slutty, bi, bisexual, bisexuality, black eyeliner, bondage, breasts, buttplugs, cages, camping, cfnm, chastity, cleavage, cock, cocksucking, coffee, collar, collars, computer, computers, consensual slavery, control, crawling, crossdressing, cuckold, cuckolding, cuckolds, cuffs, d/s, denial, devotion, discussion groups, doing what i'm told, domestic discipline, dominance and submission, dominant wife, domination, dominatrix, domme, emasculization, enforced chastity, erotica, exhibitionism, family, fantasies, fellatio, female control, female dominance, female domination, female led household, female led relationships, female supremacy, femdom, femdom erotica, feminization, fetish, fetish photography, floggers, flogging, forced bisexuality, forced chastity, forced feminization, freedom of speech, gaming, getting naked, goddess worship, guitar, humiliation, internet, kink, kneeling, leashes, licking pussy, lifestyle, male chastity, male masturbation control, male slavery, male slaves, male submission, maleslavery, mind games, mistress, movies, music, naked pictures, nude, nudity, obedience, orgasm control, orgasm denial, owned, ownership, ownership tattoos, perversion, pet play, photography, piercing, piercings, play parties, polyamory, porn, posing, power exchange, puppy play, puppy-dog training, restraints, secondlife, serve, service-oriented submission, servitude, sexual submission, sexual tension, sexuality, shaving, sims 2, sissfication, sissy, slave, slave bracelets, slaveboys, slavery, slaves, slut, slutty boys, st. andrews cross, submission, submissive, submissive men, submissives, submmissive husband, surrender, total power exchange, tpe, true blood, ts, voyeurism, webcam